The NY Diaries: SoHo Afternoon

I had to go back to the city before my Easter break was over, so I spent the afternoon in Soho, one of my favorite areas in New York. I still have a lot of new stuff coming to my house on Monday, so I picked up just a few things. I'm building up a new wardrobe for Spring. I also made a slideshow of pictures I took with my phone. Enjoy!

Jelly shoes from American Apparel (buy here): I really wanted Jelly shoes- I mean, clear goes with everything and I love the 90's vibe- but to be honest I don't love the traditional jelly sandal. When I saw these 'jelly heels' while trying things on in American Apparel, I fell in love. They're everything good about jelly shoes but more subtle.

When in LF (my all time favorite store in SoHo), I bought a beautiful romper and embroidered jean shorts, as well as a pack of flash tattoos.

I needed a new spring scent, and I picked up this Jo Malone cologne in the scent Peony & Blush Suede (plus a bajillion sample scents).

1. Brioche french toast at Spring Street Natural. 2. OOTD (t-shirt from Mood; pants, boots, and bag from Forever 21). 3. Carrot juice from Spring Street Natural 4. MoMA gift shop 5. Prism glasses from MoMA gift shop. 6. Blackberry iced tea from Rice to Riches. 7. MoMA gift shop.

Hope you have a great day! Talk to you soon!