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I don't mean maybe! 📍soho, manhattan

that camera bag ~~lyfe~~

I've been obsessing over Hair for so many months (the latest issue of Sawyer is even Hair-themed!), and was psyched to see it in the Soho Artists & Fleas. I don't have record player, but almost bought it just to have around. I wanted someone else to be able to enjoy it properly instead. You should definitely check it out on Spotify or something though- it makes me so nostalgic for the late 60's, even though it was kind of a messy time (but what time isn't?). It just has such a vibrant sound and spirit. I personally love the revival recording, but the original (pictured) is arguably more authentic.

The Public Hotel is brand new to Chrystie St., and I'm already so in love. Besides the lobby market, neon escalators, and second-floor infinity mirror and pool table, their rooftop bar has one of the most unbelievable views of Manhattan. There are white couches everywhere for hanging out and taking in sun, plus speakers everywhere filled with music you'll definitely shazam. 

Until next time! 💐🐝🛍