Blue Afternoon

I hope so, it's so good.

Wearing: Forever 21, DKNY coat

Today I was in Soho again with two of my best friends: Isabella (left) and Lauren (right). First stop was obviously brunch at The Cupping Room- complete with cappuccinos. It has such a relaxed vibe, and our waiter was awesome.

After a lot of walking (and shopping!) we headed to Boquaria for might recognize them by their Nutella-stuffed churros, which are ALL over instagram. 

It was so nice to take a day off and relax in my favorite places with my favorite people, especially after a rough week at school and way-too-late nights of working on Sawyer. Speaking of which, Issue #8 dropped today ('Beetlejuice' themed!) and I would really appreciate it if you guys checked it out on! 

I'm currently obsessing over Leighton Meester's 'Heartstrings' album, which came out about two years ago. It has such a down to earth sound, and I really love her voice. Definitely check it out if you're looking for some new music. Hopefully I'll be back with more as my schedule starts to calm down. At least its finally Fall!