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wearing: vintage JCrew t-shirt, vintage Zara skirt, Forever 21 sunglasses, necklaces, ring, and boots. 

Today I went to town (literally) with the highly amazing Greg Pepe. We took these after grabbing a diner breakfast-how I forgot to take cute diner pictures I'll never know. My pre-college session at Parsons is officially over, and even though I basically neglected to blog any of my time there on schedule, I'll post lots of cool city things on the Journal section of the blog very soon.

I got the two main things I'm wearing from Beacon's Closet in Manhattan, a store I really love. I'm just starting to get the hang of finding good vintage pieces, but so far my wallet is not complaining. That Zara skirt you see? Under $10. I HAD to get it because I love the style of the long and sheer look over a plain miniskirt.

As you probably know, I love past decades, especially the 80's and 90's. I'm always trying to incorporate styles of those times into my outfits, and I think this one had just a little bit of a throwback feel, which I really like. When emulating the 90's in particular with your clothes, you can go one of two ways: everything form-fitting or everything baggy. Today I went with the latter: my tee is oversized, my skirt is too long for me, and somehow it actually works. 

Big thanks to Greg for taking these pictures...go follow him on Instagram and check out his blog (linked above)!

Until the next time!