Love from New York

they thought the view was pretty, I thought the ice cream sandwich was prettier.

Today I went into the city (the High Line/ Chelsea Market) for the first time this summer with two of my best gals. And I have pictures to prove it. I guess this isn't really an OOTD, but the basic outfit is a T-shirt dress from Forever 21, printed socks and studded sandals, a Glitter Limes pin, cat eye sunglasses, and a cap. This outfit was so comfortable but the accessories made it unique. 

These two pictures and all the ones of me were taken by Grace Crema, who you can check out at !

red velvet ice cream sandwiches with cream cheese ice cream that I will definitely be having dreams about and crepes! 

I've taken Parsons' Pre-College summer courses for the past three years, but this July I'm taking two at FIT instead! I'm really excited, especially because I can post a lot of OOTDs and pictures of my experience there. Stay tuned!