The Less I Know the Better

The Location: Union Sq -> Ist St (roughly). Wearing: Forever 21 top and shoes, Nasty Gal jeans.

First stop of the day was to Max Brenner, one of the sweetest spots in New York. The chocoholic vibes and too-good-for-this-world hot chocolate make this one a favorite of mine. I got the Chocolate x3 pancakes with banana and marshmallow hot chocolate. 

I'm so obsessed with these Nasty Gal jeans that I found when in CA- I wear them whenever I can. The rose patches are adorable and so unique- I may try to sew some appliqués on other pairs of jeans because this is definitely one of my favorite looks at the moment. 

While I can't wait any longer for fall and sweaters, I've also been enjoying the last of my summer wardrobe while its still hot. Hopefully there will be much more to come, and I'll talk to you soon!